Loan calculator

This loan calculation is an estimate of the maximum loan amount to introduce the project or a loan service that is right for you,
based on your income and repayment period.

Calculation type

Loan amount

Length of time you wish to pay in installments

Bank interest rate

Interest rate update on 1 October 2021

Interest rate

Installment amount/month


Minimum net income


*Note: The results of the calculations are estimates only.

Calculation type

Monthly income

Monthly debt

Interest rate

Length of time you wish to pay in installments

Appraised loan amount


Installment amount/month


*Note: Typically up to 35% of net income can be borrowed.

**Note: The result of the calculation is an estimate only.

Home loan documents

Prepare your documents in advance to make the process of purchasing a home as simple as possible. To assist financial institutions in approving home loans more quickly by categorizing the documents according to the source of income conversion.

General documents

1. Copy of ID card civil servant card or passport

2. Copy of house registration

3. Copy of marriage certificate / divorce certificate / death certificate / separation notice

4. Copy of name change certificate (if any)

Income statement

1. In the case of a regular occupation or a person with a regular income
  • 1.1 Salary certificate or salary certificate utilizing the company's welfare
  • 1.2 Salary slip for the past 6 months
  • 1.3 Salary passbook for the past 6 months
2. In the case of business owners
  • 2.1 copy of business registration certificate or company registration certificate.
  • 2.2 List of shareholders
  • 2.3 Account statement for the past 12 months
  • 2.4 Copy of taxpayer identification card
  • 2.5 Evidence of tax payment such as Phor Por 30, etc.
  • 2.6 Business photos 4-5 photos with a brief location map
3. In the case of self-employed
  • 3.1 Bank statement for the past 6 months
  • 3.2 Professional licenses such as doctors, lawyers, architects, etc.

Collateral documents

1. Copy of land title deed or a copy of the apartment title deed

2. Copy of purchase and sale contract or deposit

3. Map showing the location of the collateral land

Description of loan interest rates

1. MLR (Minimum Loan Rate) The minimum loan rate that the bank determines to charge large customers, good quality, fixed-term loans.

2. MRR (Minimum Retal Rate) The minimum loan interest rate that the bank charges from a good retail customer.

3. MOR (Minimum Overdraft Rate) The minimum loan interest rate that the bank charges from a good big customer, type of overdraft.