Company Histrory

From the experience and achievements of Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited in the construction industry including civil works and utility systems at the national and international levels which brought the company the business opportunity to develop a full range of affiliated business, Sarithorn Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. For more than 30 years, Sarithorn has operated various real estate businesses with an aim to be a leader in providing high-quality real estate development projects, being equipped with modern construction technology systems, managed and QC controlled by engineers with international expertise at an affordable price in high-potential locations which have opportuity for rapid growth and add value for customers.


Our project development starts from the selection of high-potential locations which can provide significant value in the future. Our vision focuses on conceptual development, design, management, and construction quality control with modern construction technology by international-level expertise of the construction team. In addition, the quality of pre-sales, and after-sales services is our priority. Our after-sales service has been practically developed to meet the customer's lifestyle and requirements in order to promote the sustainable development of the society. We aim for continuous growth and development.